Underwater Shots From Around Bonaire

Photos courtesy of professional photographer Rogier Willems. You may see his other professional shots and inquiry about photo purchases at his website:


BloodRedSky.jpg 9.8K

Boga.jpg 6.1K

Chain Moray.jpg 7.4K

Coral Closeup.jpg 9.4K

Coral Scene.jpg 7.7K

Coral Surface.jpg 5.9K

Crinoid.jpg 6.3K

CRW_0366PM.jpg 8.9K

Eagle Rays.jpg 2.8K

File Fish.jpg 4.0K

Fingertips.jpg 7.8K

Fish Eye.jpg 8.9K

Hermit Crab.jpg 5.7K

IMG_2882Mail.jpg 3.0K

Jawfish.jpg 4.9K

Juvenile Damsel Fish.jpg 6.6K

Lettuce Slug.jpg 6.8K

Lobster Eyes.jpg 8.2K

PilarTestMail.jpg 3.5K

Pipefish.jpg 6.7K

Purple-Star.jpg 8.4K

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