Bobbejan's Restaurant

My personal choice for the best BBQ on Bonaire is Bobbejan's. It's a friendly local place with a lovely ambiance right off the main road to town ( take the road to the right just before the town of Kralendijk) heading south. It is run by Robert & Maggie de Haseth. It is open only on the weekends...Friday evening to Sunday ...See the sign below for the exact times as well as the menu items. They offer either takeout or a sit down meal in the comfort of their quiet open interior courtyard...but if you plan on going ...don't be late. Call ahead for a table as they fill up fast. They serve a variety of BBQ chicken & pork specialties...all of which are tasty meals at very reasonable prices. Typically most meals come with Maggie's personal cole slaw...which is definately one of my favorites. Service is friendly and quick. So if you want a great local meal.... at a great price ...don't miss Bobbejan''s definitely one of the best on Bonaire! See you there!


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