Beautiful Bonaire
Bonaire is known as one of the peaceful islands of the Netherlands Antilles and is famous as a divers paradise. The magnificent reef starts right at the shoreline, the coral formations and numerous species of tropical fish are easily accessible to snorkelers as well.

Bonaire has much more to offer than just diving. Our trade winds make Bonaire a perfect spot for windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing, with consistent weather conditions and calm waters so enthusiasts with any level of skill can enjoy.

If Sea Kayaking is your choice, the mangroves and flats in the south provide a delightful peek at the baby fish and the wildlife in the "Islands Nursery"

Whether your prefer to hike or mountain bike, there are over 300 kilometers,(180 miles), of trails and dirt roads where you can venture off the beaten track to enjoy the spectacular scenery and contrasting geography that is Bonaire.

On the northern part of the island there are numerous caves for exploration, diving and snorkeling. Some of the caves are decorated with intriguing rock-drawings painted by the original indian inhabitants of Bonaire - six centuries before!

If the birds eye view is a perspective you choose, beautiful flamingo's populate Lake Goto. In nearby Washington Park, you can see Bonaire as it was 600 years ago. The park is home to numerous species of birds.

While traveling around Bonaire be careful, you may bump into some of our other island inhabitants, our free-range donkeys, they are everywhere and make a great photograph.